Web Encrypter V5.0 Patch Notes

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Details of changes to Web Encrypter V5.0

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Welcome to Web Encrypter V5.0
Whats new?

  • Improved the encryption with version 5 your text is even more secure!
  • Key length is no longer only 16 characters long but can now be between 8 and 12 characters long depending on the encryption method.
  • Don’t fear though for anyone who still wants to use versions 4 encryption method there’s a fancy toggle button to switch between them!
  • Added a character counter for the key text area with fancy icons
  • Updated instructions for the new changes!
  • Key generator comes in 2 flavors now 16 character and 20 characters, depending on the encryption version
  • Added an Instructions page with FAQ’s
  • New Icon to match Adesa.tech

Hope everyone loves the new encrypter, to leave any feedback please use this form

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